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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Do I need to be home for the estimate?

A. We would be glad to meet you in person to fully explain all of our services.  But we realize how busy most of our customers are, and if we are given your address we can stop by, take a look, and leave an estimate along with more information in your mailbox.

Q.  Will you move the furniture off of my deck?

A.  Yes, we will move  the furniture off of your deck in order to complete the job.  Large objects like grills, or large tables, will be left on the deck, and moved from side to side.

Q.  Do you seal the underneath of the deck?

A.  No, the underneath of the deck is not sealed.  Wood needs to expand and contract, and if water gets into the sides of the floorboards, it will not have an escape route out of the bottom of the wood if it is sealed, and this will actually lead to more cracking and rotting.  All of the poles and  facia boards are sealed.

Q.  What kind of weather will you work in?

A.  The cleaning process can be completed rain or shine.  When we seal the deck we will wait for the wood to be dry, a temperature above 40 degrees, and a low chance of rain in the forecast.  Depending on the temperature and type of wood, in most cases the sealant will hold up just fine, even if it rains a few hours after the completion of the deck. 

Q.  How long should I stay off of my deck after it is sealed?

A.  I tell everyone to stay off of the deck for 48 hours.  Many times the deck can be used a few hours afterwards, but I like to make sure customers  will not step in a wet spot that can be tracked inside onto the carpet or furniture. Certain jobs, usually decks that had to be stripped of a prior seal, or screened in porches that do not recieve alot of sun, need a longer time to dry.

Q.  Do you offer a guarantee?

A.  Our product is proven to last an average of 3-5 years in the Atlanta area.  Much of this depends on everything from the position of your house, how much sun exposure the deck gets, how much usage, how much rain, etc.  We are glad to come out anytime within 1 year to fix any possible misses, or sand and reseal any boards that might have sap seeping out of them.

Q.When do we pay, and what form of payments do you accept? 

A. Payment is accepted once the job is completed to your satisfaction.  We accept cash and check.

Q.  How is my deck resealed in the future?

A.  This is one of the biggest advantages in  having The Atlanta Wood Restoration Company complete your deck. When it is time to reseal, we lightly pressure wash your deck, and recoat it.  It comes out to perfection.  Unlike most seals, we do not have to use harsh chemicals to strip it off, damage your wood, or have to do it every single year.

Q.  Tell us a little bit more about the seal you use.

A.  We us a semi- transparent oil base sealant.  This means you will still see all the natural beauty of your wood, including all the wood grains and knot holes.

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