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Commercial Pressure Washing

One of the least expensive but most effective ways to improve the look of your property is to clean your cement driveway and concrete sidewalks. This will make your driveway and entire property look cleaner and much brighter.

 Additional benefits include:

  1. Pressure washing cement removes the mold and algae that makes it slick.
  2. Mold, moss, and mildew develops on concrete and brick driveways which will start to cause tiny holes. Over time these holes become larger as water seeps into them. As more damage is done to your brick or cement, your sidewalk or driveway becomes less attractive.

  In addition to pressure washing, we also seal all forms of cement.

Patio Cleaning before and after pressure washing.
Concrete driveway before and after pressure washing.

The products we use:

  1. Free of all solvents and hazardous ingredients.
  2. Industrial strength
  3.  Chemically bonds with the surface to prevents efflorescence, freeze/thaw damage, cracking, and spalling.
  4. Does not create a surface film.

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